About Us

We met over 20 years ago at a yoga teacher training on top of a mountain in Southern Utah.

We have been working together in the complementary healthcare field ever since.
We became practitioners specializing in what helped us most.

Dean has studied Ayurvedic Medicine, American Herbalism, and Chinese Medicine as well as Acupuncture and

Sarah has made a deep dive into Anatomy, Movement, Pathology, and Mindset.
Opening Spring is an offering of our hearts to our community.
We bring sincerity and compassion to our interactions with clients born of having had health challenges of our own.
We welcome you warmly and will do our very best to help you.

Dean Campbell has been involved with Oriental Medicine for over thirty years.
It all began because he was looking for answers to his own health challenges, which he wasn’t finding with conventional medicine. Once he discovered the tremendous benefits of Eastern medicine, that was it. He found his calling- to help others with these tools.

He has done extensive post-graduate studies to learn how to address muscle-skeletal pain and dysfunction.
Dean enjoys working with you to craft a plan to address your physical health challenges and help you learn how to be empowered with your own healing process.
This involves your mindset and emotions as well as your body. The more we work together as a team, the more successful we will be.
When not at work, he is with his family pack which includes his lovely wife Sarah and their German Shepherd Norah. In the summertime, they love to get outside, hiking, camping, and fishing. In the wintertime, they enjoy cooking and entertaining friends.

Idaho State Licensed Acupuncturist
National Board Certified Acupuncturist
Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the
Oregon College of Oriental Medicine
Completed Sports Medicine Acupuncture Course
Diplomate in Ayurveda, USA & India
Certified Yoga Teacher

Sarah Campbell began teaching yoga at the age of 19, and for the first time felt at home in her body. She traveled extensively to learn from the top teachers of that time and quickly became the top yoga therapist in her hometown. She has taught thousands of classroom hours and helped hundreds of people overcome injury and postural pain.
That was four cities and several yoga studios ago (not to mention a few decades!), and now she works with clients one-on-one.
Over the years she has added a massage therapy license, a nutritional coaching certification, and a personal training certification to her professional skill set. She has also taught anatomy and pathology at a
massage therapy level. She has an over-reaching curiosity about the human body and its workings and is a life long learner.

Registered and Certified Yoga Teacher
Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Personal Trainer
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified
Plus miraculous apprenticeships in yoga, anatomy, and coaching.