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Common Questions

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

While people’s sensitivity can vary, most don’t find acupuncture painful at all. In fact, many people find it to be so relaxing that they doze off during the treatment and have a nice nap. This is so common it’s known as ‘going to Aculand,’ and is quite restorative. Should anything hurt, let your acupuncturist know and they will adjust the needles appropriately so they don’t.

Do you do dry needling?

Yes, we do. Our acupuncturist has been trained in dry needling. Learn more here.

Can you tell me over the phone?

Because everybody is different, we can’t tell you over the phone how long your individual case may take. You will need to come into our office and allow us to do an initial exam, during which we talk over all your issues and concerns, and may need to do various orthopedic tests. We will be able to put together a treatment plan specific to fit your needs. Acupuncture works best when it’s personal and custom-tailored to your needs.

Can I eat before/after treatment? What about caffeine?

It’s fine to eat before treatment, but best not to come on a full stomach. Ideally, you would have eaten an hour or two beforehand, and definitely at least once earlier in the day so that you are not overly hungry.
In addition, recent research has shown that caffeine can inhibit the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment, especially for pain. It’s best that you avoid coffee or other sources of caffeine directly before treatment. That being said, have your regular morning cup so you don’t get a caffeine withdrawal headache.

Are the needles safe/sterile?

Acupuncture needles are classified as a Class 2 Medical Device by the FDA. This means that they are safe and effective medical instruments. They are sterile, disposable, and for one-time use. After the needles are removed, they are disposed of as medical waste.

How can Chinese Herbal Medicine help me?

Chinese Medicinal Formulas work to help the body regain homeostasis or a healthy balance.
Because each formula is individual for the client, the effect is often gentler than Western medicine, and in particular, clients report fewer side effects. Chinese Herbal Formulas are used for both acute (UTIs, the common cold) and chronic (allergies and skin rash) imbalances.

Why are Chinese Medicinal Herbs made into formulas?

Chinese herbalists usually do not prescribe single herbs for their patients, as we see in Western Herbology. Chinese Herbal Formulas often contain ten or more different herbs. This is to obtain the best clinical effect by combining multiple herbs. Some of the herbs in the formula support each other’s function so that a certain therapeutic action is increased. Other herbs in the formula are to balance the action of the formula. For example, some of the best herbs for fighting infections are very cooling. Herbs are added to infection-fighting formulas to protect the body from becoming too cold during treatment. In addition, the client’s health history and current state are taken into consideration when formulating.

What does acupuncture feel like?

There are two main sensations you will feel during an acupuncture treatment:

1. The needle insertion
2. The needle action

During needle insertion, there is a small prick, similar to the way it feels when you press your own fingernail firmly into your skin. There may also be a brief zing moving away from the needle. Both dissipate within seconds.
Acupuncture needle action sensations may be unusual, especially when you are being treated for joint or muscle pain.
You may feel:

  • A hollow ache
  • An awareness of a bone or tendon location you do not usually have
  • A pulsation or contraction of muscle
  • A feeling like a bubble popping

All of these sensations are positive indicators that acupuncture is working. Your brain naturally interprets unusual sensations as pain. We encourage you to relax and become curious about the sensations you feel during your treatment.

How many treatments will it take? And how frequently will I have to come in?

This will be dependent on the length and severity of the condition being treated, the age of the person receiving treatment, the complexity of the issues(s), and lifestyle and sleep quality.
For example, if you sprained your ankle yesterday and it is not severe, then a few treatments of acupuncture and you will be good to go. On the other hand, if you herniated a low back disc 20 years ago and have been experiencing symptoms ever since, it is going to take several months of acupuncture to get you where you want to be.
In general, we can say for an acute condition you may require 3-6 treatments to observe a positive effect. For chronic disorders, 10-12 treatments may be required to observe a positive effect.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for my Acupuncture Treatment?

We ask that you wear or bring shorts and a tee shirt or tank top to change into.
This allows the area needing treatment to be accessed. Some acupuncture methods are done near or at the immediate area of pain or dysfunction. For example, many low back disorders have gluteal muscle involvement. We have been trained in professional, modest draping and our client’s comfort is our foremost concern. We do ask that you wear underwear when coming in for treatment.

Can I work out before/after treatment?

It’s fine to work out before treatment. Working out directly after treatment is not normally advised, as sometimes vigorous exercise undoes the effects of acupuncture. Please ask us for guidance if you need it.

What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese Herbal Medicine is derived from natural sources. While most of the pharmacopeia is made up of roots, bark, flowers, seeds, and fruits, there are also some minerals used. Proper diagnosis is important for the formula to be tailored for each patient.

Is Chinese Herbal Medicine safe?

Chinese herbs are tested in the manufacturing process for impurities. At Spring we use Chinese Medicinal Herbs in granular form, which means they have been made into an extract and then dried into a powder. This makes them easier to mix into formulas and to take. we only source from the most highly regarded companies to ensure the quality and safety of the herbs we use.

Do you take insurance?

The only insurance we are in-network with is Ill-A. We do not require a co-pay for Ill-A Members because we are proud to support our community first responders. We also accept Health Savings Account cards and create superbills for you to submit to your insurance agent. We suggest checking with your insurance provider to see if they cover acupuncture before you submit your superbills.

More questions?

Call us at 208-616-1040 or email us. We are here to help you.

“Dean and Sarah are attentive and compassionate and the office environment is comfortable and relaxing. I am so incredibly grateful for the quality of life I have gotten back thanks to Spring Acupuncture.”
– K. Donat

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