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“As an athlete, I have experienced A LOT of different types of care and I have never seen such immediate results from a treatment as I did with Spring ACU.”

– D. Crum, from Boise, Idaho

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Are you asking yourself
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If you don’t take care of your body, you will get injured eventually.
You don’t have to be in daily pain.

“Have I fully resolved
my old injury?”

“Can my body make it
through the competition?”

“What if I twist my
ankle again?”

Overcome these obstacles and more with a Sports Care Plan

Give yourself what you need for a long and healthy
active life.

How much time are injuries costing you?
Find the joy again.

Dean Campbell, MAcOM, L.Ac. &
Sarah Campbell, LMT, RYT, Pt.

Sports Care Plans are created by Dean and Sarah Campbell, owners of Spring Acupuncture. Combined, Dean and Sarah have over 60 years of experience in anatomy, movement, and complementary medicine.

Dean and Sarah work at their location in Boise, where hundreds of clients have resolved injuries, improved performance, and learned how to better care for themselves. Be your own hero and have more fun. You can learn more about Spring Acupuncture HERE