Have Peace of Mind

When a practitioner really listens to you, you feel heard. We take our client’s needs seriously. Here is a small sampling of reviews. Nothing brings us more joy than seeing our clients feel better, stronger, and happier.

“The care that I was provided at Spring Acupuncture was pure excellence. I had been suffering from chronic back, neck and hip pain for over 5 years. I had seen physical therapists, chiropractors and massage therapists promising relief for just as long. I had immediate relief after the first visit with Dean and Sarah. I have been beyond impressed with the level of knowledge and
continued research they will do to provide specific, effective treatments tailored to solving the core issues causing my pain. They have also given me invaluable knowledge, exercises and suggestions to use daily to help keep me pain free. Dean and Sarah are attentive and compassionate and the office environment is comfortable and relaxing. I am so incredibly grateful for
the quality of life I have gotten back thanks to Spring Acupuncture.”

K. Donat
Boise, Idaho

“I’m so glad I discovered Spring Acupuncture. I’ve had ongoing pain from a displaced tailbone for several years. During that time
I’ve gone to PTs, chiropractors, Rossiter sessions, and massage therapy. Nothing has provided as much relief for me as the work
Dean and Sarah are doing. Although I don’t understand it, I know it’s helping tremendously. Dean and Sarah are always working
to figure out solutions for my pain. I highly recommend their services.”

D. Busauri
Boise, Idaho

“Thank you Dean and Sarah! After I had been suffering with an acute case of Plantar Fasciitis that kept me away from fly fishing
this past year, I followed-up on a friend’s referral to Spring Acupuncture and Wellness. Dean and Sarah zeroed in on the
underlaying causes of my foot pain and resolved the problem in a few treatments. The acupuncture treatments were painless
and performed expertly by Dean in an atmosphere of total relaxation. I recommend Dean and Sarah to anyone seeking relief
from pain with an emphasis on compassion, natural healing and wellness. I’m now looking forward to more great days on the

J. Bento
Boise, Idaho

“Most often times when people ask me about my accupuncture I tell them that it has been a life changing experience. Before I
came to Spring Accupuncture I was in the hospital 4 times in one year due to stomach issues!! Immediately Dean was able to
help me alleviate my problems and I haven’t been back to the hospital or gastroenterologist since!! I always feel so comfortable
when walking into the office and fully relaxed as I leave.”

B. Reynolds
Boise, Idaho

Spring has a great vibe.
The clinic is designed to create a calm, soothing space so you can relax and feel safe. Our treatment tables are fully adjustable and very comfortable. Clients often tell us that they feel more relaxed on our tables than anywhere else, even on their own beds!
We believe that receiving medical care should …wait for it… help you feel better.