The Spring Difference

We care about getting the best possible results for you.

We get results for patients with Complex Musculoskeletal Conditions


Many of our patients have experienced life-changing results, often after having tried everything else.


We honestly care about our clients and will research your case to find the most effective approach for you.

It begins with a thorough review of your Health History

The level of detail in our intake forms allows us to get insights where others see confusion. For example, you could have an old dental issue such as a root canal or mercury filling that is putting a load on your immune system and is preventing resolution of your musculoskeletal problem. Who else asked you about this? Likely no one.

A Comprehensive Assessment is next

This may include gait analysis, posture assessment, range of motion testing, manual muscle testing, active movement assessment, orthopedic exams, neurological testing, and palpation. After we have done that, we do a Report of Findings – we explain to you what we have found, and discuss with you the various approaches to resolve your issues.

Tailored Treatments

Drawing from a wide range of tools, we will choose the optimum approach for your specific challenges. Tools we use include Motor Point Acupuncture, Trigger Point/Dry needling, Electro-acupuncture, various type of soft-tissue work, massage, moist heat therapy, Kinesio taping, and corrective exercises.

We don’t want to waste your time and money.

We ask for only a small commitment to begin treatment.
We often ask you to come for 1 to 3 treatments to see how you respond to our approach before asking for anything more.

We respect your time and money and don’t want to waste either of them.

Our deepest motivation is to help people have less pain and more joy in their lives.

Dean Campbell, MAcOM, L.Ac. &
Sarah Campbell, LMT, RYT, Pt.

Our Care Plans are created by Dean and Sarah Campbell, owners of Spring Acupuncture. Combined, Dean and Sarah have over 60 years of experience in anatomy, movement, and complementary medicine.

Dean and Sarah work at their location in Boise, where hundreds of clients have resolved injuries, improved performance, and learned how to better care for themselves. Be your own hero and have more fun. You can learn more about Spring Acupuncture HERE

Spring has a great vibe.
The clinic is designed to create a calm, soothing space so you can relax and feel safe. Our treatment tables are fully adjustable and very comfortable. Clients often tell us that they feel more relaxed on our tables than anywhere else, even on their own beds!
We believe that receiving medical care should …wait for it… help you feel better.