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What is Motor Point Electro-Acupuncture?

Dec 5, 2022 | 0 comments

First off, it’s unlike anything you have experienced before. Patients are always fascinated by how this treatment works, and how it feels (spoiler- it doesn’t hurt, just feels unusual).

We are going to cover three main points:
What is a motor point?
Why needle it?
Why use electricity?

A motor point is where the motor neuron endplate enters the muscle. The motor neuron is the nerve that tells the muscle when to contract and when to relax. It originates in the motor cortex of the brain, moves down the spinal cord, and then goes out into the body at each vertebral level to enervate the muscles in that region. These regions are called myotomes. Inserting an acupuncture needle in a motor point and applying electrical stimulus helps the muscle regulate its tension. Muscles can get inhibited. What this means is that the nerve that sends the impulse to contract the muscle becomes unable to function at its optimal capacity. This is due to chemical or physical trauma (Le Pera 2001).

When this happens, you are definitely not firing on all cylinders. You can move, but you don’t have your full power or capabilities, and you are more likely to be in pain. How this shows up in everyday life is your gait may feel off, or a physical movement that used to be easy feels awkward or painful, or you just aren’t recovering from a workout or event the way you usually do. Or perhaps you have had a surgery or injury. A fall on the ice or a hip replacement will both adversely affect the muscles in the hip area. Patients often report that they feel fragile when their muscles are inhibited. You can be in a state of Motor Muscle Inhibition due to any one of the following:
Repetitive Movements
Arthritic changes in a nearby joint or the spine

These all impede healthy function and often cause pain or weakness.
…And what about electricity?
Our body is ruled by the nervous system. Our nervous system runs on electricity. When electrical stimulation is applied in the correct place, you guessed it- a muscle motor point, at the correct intensity, and for the correct duration of time, the muscle inhibition is cleared. One way to think of it is that we are reminding the muscle how to function optimally, instead of being stuck in a pattern of dysfunction. Patients often report almost immediate improvement in movement and reduction of pain. They also say they feel stronger, and have a better mind-body connection to the area that received treatment. We see that their movement patterns look more balanced and steadier.

If you are wanting to move more confidently, have less pain, or recover more
completely from an injury or surgery, call us today at 208-616-1040

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